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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

Gov. Gavin Newsom set mandatory stay-at-home restrictions to help combat the coronavirus. All currently scheduled races are subject to cancellation or postponement.
Affected events so far:

  • South National – March 28th&29th
  • Member Ride Day – April 19th
  • Sierra National – April 25th&26th

For more information about COVID-19, see the information at the California Dept of Public Health website.

Welcome to the Valley Chapter of the Over The Hill Gang motocross club!

The Over The Hill Gang (OTHG) is one of the largest veteran motocross clubs in the country. Established in 1974 in Southern California, OTHG has grown to five chapters (Bay, Reno, Sierra, South, and Valley) with memberships of over 1,000 veteran motocross racers. The OTHG is open to racers 30 years old and older. We offer five different skill levels – Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Master. With all five classes having four age brackets – over 30, over 38, over 45, and over 52. There are also women’s A/B classes and +58 Amateur/Expert classes.

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