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Mike Wilson

2013 Tulare National

Greg Anderson

2013 Tulare National

Experts Start

2013 Tulare National

Awesome Crew

2013 Tulare National

Hollywood FED


The flag man!

Justin gettin it done!

All Teeth


The future!


Gate focus

Where's the Monster Girls?

The sprint

KX speed


Bling King

Get ready


FTM Dan and Lisa Jones

God is Good!


No pressure



Relax... Its just a National

What's up...?

I'm coming

Smooth and Fast

1st Corner smiles!

Dan and Justin leading the pack - great leaders in this life

RIP Brother

Justin Barnett

Always brings good times!!

Wes !!

Careful Jimmy


Longest running #1

Tucker in style

Danny and Ocho

Good times

Valley Chapter
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Valley Race with Sierra and Bay at Hangtown!!!!   Oct 19th..!



Valley Race Oct 26th.. Warm-up for our National…. !!!


VALLEY NATIONAL !!  Nov 7,8,9  Get your entry in Gang Members!

Get ready for some of the best Valley racing ever!!  The DT-1 MX Park crew and the Valley OTHG chapter is gearing up to put on a great weekend of racing and fun…  Way too many Raffle prizes, perfect dirt, great food, the DT-1 MX Park staff and great OTHG members from all over the state await you at the MX gem of the central valley.. DT-1 MX Park.           Let’s Get It ON!!!!!                                     untitled

Click on this link to open the 2014 Valley National Entry Form!!!  Fill in the blanks on your PC, print it and send it in!!

       Fillable …. 2014 Valley OTHG National Entry_Fillable

Ink Pen Style…   2014 Valley OTHG National Entry


vothg-logo - homepage featured image



THANK YOU to the TEMMERMAN’S and the DT-1 crew for hosting your inaugural series!  What a great way to kick off what will certainly be a memorable and enjoyable part of Valley MX history!  The Pro shootouts were a blast to watch and the series was full of great racing and prizes!!  Can’t wait until the next one!!!  Thumbs Up !



Sponsors  – Click for Link

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Latest Posts

Tulare Races and the SOUTH NATIONAL coming soon!!

Get your Moto on!

RIP Our Brother

Last local mid summer race July 27th

July 27 is the last of the mid summer Valley OTHG races.  Come out and join in the competition and get ready for the upcoming Bay Chapter Hollister National!!

OTHG Race July 12th / DT-1 Series Race final round July 13th

OTHG is racing July 12th and the final round of the Marvin Davis cup at DT-1 Tulare track is June 13th… Full weekend of racing gang!!!!

OTHG Race June 15th / Round One of the DT-1 Series

Tulare DT-1 MX park and OTHG is teaming up to host the summer rounds of the OTHG local race and Round One of the Inaugural Marvin Davis Cup MX series at DT-1 MX Park. ... read more
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